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How To Write a Mystery Novel More Info

How To Write a Mystery Novel

Behind the Scenes: Creating a Crime Series

By Gene Grossman

Gene Grossman created the popular 15-book series of Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, each one with a crime that stumps the authorities and defense attorney Peter Sharp.

Fortunately, Peter has a 13-year-old legal ward named Suzi, who just happens to be a computer whiz, with a mind that works a lot faster than the adults involved in each case, so she usually solves the crime and lets Peter take the credit.

If you enjoy reading mysteries and want to try your hand at creating one - or a series - on your own, you will find this book a valuable aid, because it reveals Gene's thought processes as he created the books, and provides you with valuable information that will help you with your own writing efforts.

Also included are some 'insider' tips on printing, marketing, distribution, and much, much more.

Murder on a Boat to Catalina Island More Info

Murder Under Way

Peter Sharp Legal Mystery #14

By Gene Grossman

A man is found alone on a speeding boat in the Pacific Ocean, dead from a gunshot to the head. There were no other boats in the vicinity at the time of the gunshot, and everyone but attorney Peter Sharp's legal ward Suzi thinks the man's death is a suicide.

Join Peter and Suzi on Southern California's Catalina Island for this adventure as they try to prove that the man's death was really murder - in one of the most difficult mysteries they have ever tried to solve.

Sorry Wrong Number More Info

Sorry Wrong Number - Suzie B. Mystery #1

Catching a Serial Bomber

By Gene Grossman

If you haven’t been fascinated by her brilliant Sherlock Holmes type of logic in the first 15 Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, then now’s your chance to see what little Suzi can do when she’s out on her own… well, almost her own.

She still lives on a luxurious yacht in Marina del Rey California with her legal Guardian, attorney Peter Sharp; and she still has her trusted bodyguard Bernie, a huge Saint Bernard - but for this adventure she doesn’t want to see the adults take advantage of her superior computer skills and grab all the credit for solving the crimes, like they have in the first 15 books that chronicled Peter Sharp’s high-profile criminal cases.

The assignment she has given herself for this first solo adventure is to figure out the identity of a murderous serial church bomber, set up a trap for him, and have the press handy when she actually attempts a citizens’ arrest, with the assist of local law enforcement. At least that’s the plan.

Movie Magic More Info

Movie Magic - Suzie B. Mystery #2

By Gene Grossman

This is her second solo detective attempt - solving a problem that's plaguing the District Attorney, who just happens to be her close friend, Peter Sharp's ex-wife.

While working on the case, a friend of hers meets an untimely death, so she starts hatching a plan to capture the murderer and his entire gang of criminals all by herself.

Having learned a lesson from her last adventure, when she was rescued by a SWAT team, to avoid too much danger this time she enlists the help of Bernie, her huge Saint Bernard.

When her plan starts to come together, you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat just like the police helplessly watching on TV monitors, as Suzi tries to pull of what nobody's ever done before... without getting murdered while doing it.

Magic Bullets More Info

The Magic Bullets - Suzie B. Mystery #5

By Gene Grossman

Ballistics comparison tests performed on bullets recovered from several murders indicate that they were fired from the same gun – but one that could not possibly have been used, because during each time the lethal shots were fired, the weapon was in the custody of the authorities.

District Attorney Myra Scot Sharp (attorney Peter Sharp's bitter ex-wife) appoints a special prosecuting investigator, but when she and all the other adults involved fail to solve this mystery, little Suzi B. is called in for assistance and tries to prove that her amazing theory about who the murderer is, even though it contradicts the opinions of every police agency involved.

Is Suzi right or wrong this time? You'll be as surprised as Peter, Myra, and the police are when Suzi conducts an experiment on the boat that will determine the innocence or guilt of the person that she suspects is guilty.

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A Guide to Meeting Women

A Comprehensive Guide to Approaching and Becoming Acquainted with New Females

By Nick Shoveen

A system for making the acquaintance of new females in any situation, from a funeral, to a wedding, in a bookstore, a market, a singles bar, etc.

More Info

What Women Really Mean

Female - English Dictionary designed for Men

By Nick Shoveen

This Female-to-English dictionary is a guide to interpreting & manipulating the female thought process and gives any male an even chance in dealing with a female.

Phone Sex Manual by Dr. Nick Shoveen Ph.D. More Info

Phone Sex Manual

By Nick Shoveen

How to Get Started and Operate a Profitable Home Business

This popular book shows how with a minimum investment, you can make more than $200/hour working from the privacy of your own home, with no boss and no overhead. Covers everything you need from incoming phone lines, hiring 'actresses,' and much more.

How Not to Get Married by Dr. Nick Shoveen Ph.D. More Info

How NOT to Get Married

Errors to Avoid in your First Marriage

By Nick Shoveen

This it the perfect book for any person thinking of getting married for the first time

Dr. Shoveen covers several dozen areas in a marriage that can cause conflict, and discusses how to handle the problems and more importantly, how these problems might be completely avoided by proper discussion before the marriage.

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Buying Foreclosed Properties

How to get started in buying R.E.O.'s (Real Estate Owned by the lenders)

By Edwin H. Sinclair

There’s no shortage of books available on how to buy foreclosures, but E.H. Sinclair does a few things in this book that are unexpected: he points out the pitfalls to avoid in R.E.O. (Real Estate Owned by the lenders) investing.

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How Not to Play Golf

How to NOT Win a Tournament - Game Losing Mistakes to Avoid

By Gene Grossman

The only mystery here is why, no matter how much you play, you don't get much better. If you'd rather play golf than just about anything else, then this is the book for you, because if you're not already an expert when it comes to losing, this will help show you more creative ways that you may have never heard of before... all tried and tested by professionals whose names you will recognize.

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Attain Success by Avoiding Failure

By Peter Sharp

Want to become Successful? It’s easy: just follow these Rules to AVOID FAILURE, because if you can make all of them a regular part of your personal and business behavior, you’ll be in position to make it to the top.

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How Not to Practice Law

In the Office and Courtroom

By Peter Sharp

This is a valuable primer on courtroom and office behavior for law students and new admittees. Author/attorney Gene Grossman presents information from interviews with judges, trial lawyers, and law firm partners, on things NOT to do when practicing law.

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How Not to Go Boating

Avoid Making a Fool of Yourself at Sea

By Gene Grossman

This is the perfect book for any new boater and/or any person invited to be a guest on someone else's boat. It covers all the things NOT to do as a new boat- owner or guest on a boat

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Deposition Preparation

How to be Deposed Without Making a Fool of Yourself

By Edwin H. Sinclair

General information, good for all kinds of cases and in all dins of jurisdictions. This is the perfect book for any lawyer to have in his office, as a hand-out for clients.

This book designed especially for clients, and any person who is going to be deposed should read it at least twice, because it tells you how to handle yourself during a deposition without making a fool out of yourself or completely blowing the case. The author has also included several 'horror' stories about clients and depositions, plus 'how to spot a new attorney,' and other colorful information not usually included in a dry, straight-laced instructional book about some aspect of law.

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Stand-up Comedy Career Management

(Five Volumes) More details + pics at:

Volume 1: Getting Started

Volume 2: Finding Your Voice

Volume 3: Analyze the Audience

Volume 4: Performing On Stage

Volume 5: Getting Paid